NORTH FL AND SOUTH GA PREMIER MX RACING ORGANIZATION

Reminder Sept 8/9 race weekend has moved to WW Ranch. As we conclude round two of the Legend Intl Fall Classic we are stoked to see our racer numbers increase. With over 300 entries at Dade City and almost 300 at Orlando MX for round 2 I would like to think we are on the right path. Our goal and mission remains unchanged . Create fun-filled , Safe and family friendly racing environment.

Well as we have made it a little over half way through the Spring series it has been one heck of a ride.
So far this year we have had record number of attendance as well as some of the best racing I have seen in year. We would also like to welcome our newest sponsor www.renegaderacefuel.com . It is super cool to see new companies getting involved. We also have https://www.legendinternationalco.com/ on-board with us bringing the freshest and latest in fashion to the track.


The FL / GA Championship

As the FL/GA racing series embarks on its 12th year running the series has evolved with time. As 2018 is upon us it brings some exciting news to the FL/GA Series. The Harris family ( Owners of The Moto Stop Trackside) have been honored and allowed to take over the series. 

As a series originally started by a group of track owners in the north FL south GA area , we hope to keep with tradition with of family fun racing. With our new tag line Old Skool Racing New Skool fun. We hope you see some new and exciting things with the series. 

Saturday night entertainment will be back. This is provided by The Moto Stop Track side and will very from games to social hour to family BBQ. We will kick off our opening round with or series KICK BALL tournament .


* As most know when CJ Harris got back into MX racing after a long break he noticed a void in local racing communication. Right then he set a goal to bring the grass roots and family feel back to Florida MX. With some guidance from some of the best in the industry and years of pushing and pulling the right people together. In 2016 magic was made when Bernie ( FL/GA Championship ) and Dean ( Florida Motocross Series) agreed to work together . As this was a instant hit for track owners and the local racers we continued to try and improve. Now in 2018 we are able to work with Junior ( Living Life Series ) and Boss series . These partnerships create a greater racing experience for all.